1. I

    New Berserk anime

    Do you guys like the manga Berserk? There is a rumors in the net for new series and and I will quot some of the news: And there are those short clips. ---------- Double...
  2. Damaera

    Sequel to Berserk! (Anime) Let's hope this is true...
  3. Brim

    Berserk Manga Possible Spoilers

    I just got done plowing through all 29 volumes and I'm super pumped about this series. I watched the anime and felt unresolved, so I picked this up. Damn...that's all I can say. Though I wish it came out faster (if I'm not mistaken its like 2 volumes a year). Anyways what is your take on the...
  4. D

    Does anyone in here have Berserk- Jap for PS2?

    I'm looking for someone who has this game, along with whats required to play with it with your PS2 (which probably isnt allowed here so lets not talk about it) Berserk is probably a one time play through game and I was wondering if someone would possibly want to sell it if they had it? I've...
  5. Damaera


    So, I found the complete series of Berserk on my bros desk (tv desk.) I'm like hell, did he buy this? I found out that this was his friends, so I had to try it out. I'm only on episode 8 or 9, but I'm hooked. This has to be one of the best animes ever. Now, I'm not much of a fan of animes...
  6. D

    Berserk Paintbucket coloring.

    This is only one piece of work I've done at school, but its my first time using paintbucket or whatever its called, I don't really know. But, its not finished yet, here's what I have done so far. Just tell me if you like or not, crits maybe, I'm just bored really, and I look at the...
  7. J

    Berserk PS2 official US release!!!!

    .... isnt gonna happen, according to sammy studio's they have no intention of bringing the game outside of japan (thats ok, i imported my copy ^_^) but even so, when they bring out such lame games as they have lately, they should considder the huge fanbase berserk has in the us, and its growing...
  8. Z


    does anyone know when there will be some new berserk episodes ?? Cus I really need my berserk fix
  9. CM

    Berserk PS2 Game

    This is mostly for Smo, Humpeh, GMO squad etc. , and it's probably an import-only title, but i thought i should share it. PS2 Berserk game, run around and beat em up, looks...
  10. Cold Steel


    I just read that there are 25 episodes, and i've just seen them all aswell, but it ends rather strange, are there more episodes that i do not know of ? I really need to know. I hunger for more episodes.
  11. N


    Anyone seen this anime? cause i heard they were thinkin about makin another series of it, anyone got information?
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