1. Bhunter9


    Hey guys, iv been playing around with modeling for awhile but iv only gotten serious lately. For my first character i started off with Bender! Please tell me what you think and how to make him look better, im trying to get alot better at modeling. I use lightwave.
  2. JTR

    BENDER :)

    Ive seen a lot of futurama lately and wanted to try a bender (Easy project :)) Didnt take long.. And Ive thrown polies in unneeded places since it's just for a render.. and I was going to meshsmooth it anyways.. Meshsmoothed UnMeshsmoothed Bender, who has just seen some sexy...
  3. CM

    Bender WIP (My first character model!)

    oooh, my momma's gonna be so proud! done 100% in wings, its the pwnzorz and totally pwnzorz teh **** outta teh ms3d.