1. -Blaze-

    Do you belive in aliens?

    Well do you belive in aliens or do you saw them O_o ? Becouse i started to belive, we cant be the only living thinks in the universe. when i was 10 years old, we were vacating near the beatch, i come out to the ***** at night and i saw some kind of think, that has lights all ower it and it was...
  2. G

    omg!! cant belive how stupid i am...

    :fight: :fight: About a week or two ago i posted questions what to do since i bought Battlefield 2 but had trouble playing it since i dont have a cd-player..and recentley i bougt a brand new extern cd-burner/player. All happy that i can finally play bf2 online i put in the cd..but nothing...
  3. Grega

    dont belive your eyes

    Here are some pictures that show you how inacurate eyes actualy are ^^<wbr><wbr>
  4. A

    Do YOU Belive in Ghosts?

    I myself belive in ghost's because I have seen many ghost's in my house. They practically don't scare me unless I turn out of nowhere and one is right standing nere the dresser watching me o_O Scared the **** out of me. But I belive in ghost's.
  5. Ashur


    Why not animate the mouth of chargeters... For starter it could be animated when you trans .. the screem/talk... Then when charecters say soem thing like FINAL FLASH!!! or kame hame ha..... You it would feel really realistic and all :laff: But i dont have high hopes on it ...
  6. Warbandit

    I think i found another devil but..... u wont belive this.

    the devil has been crashing our [Riced] Server lately and our clan has lead to belive its ......... Mr.satan. I have not confirmed this myself yet but my other clan member [-1-] Said that he is crashing our server so other people can go into his. Im not quite sure if it is mr.satan or not...
  7. DaGoku

    I can't Belive its Uub

    I need some 1 to make this a model It is ultra cool or go to the website cuz some times it wont show up
  8. S


    How do i make mountains and stuff with hammer. those mountains just like in esf maps. :confused:
  9. B

    Yay At Least!!!!!!!!!

    i did it now i know how to make a model from now on all that i will do is making some so be ready all (damn i cant belive i did it!:devgrin: !!!"
  10. X

    Everything About Mapping

    Introduction Hey just thought I would help get rid of all those stickies! This is all the stickies put together plus my own added stuff (some info here and there making it better). I hope this helps and I would like to thank all the people that started stickies and Stryker for making them...
  11. K

    I cant belive this

    Iv downloaded the movies About ESF 1.1 and its absolutly brilliant,Are there any new caracters?because I heard there are going to be a few new ones like Yamca,master Roushe ETC...
  12. T

    Bojack trunks skin WIP-Sayian Crusades(hopefully)

    heres a skin Ive been working on, ive done 100 percent of it skinmap, everything.The model is mistery X's, heres a pic if you cant see it copy and paste Im about 30-40 percent done. i have to edit the jacket a lot, texture the hair...
  13. M


    I started this thred coz' i belive a beam musn't be incolor(to see throw it) and look at the show ........ and even if i've alredy requested this and even if was alredy requested i belive the beams heads should be bigger , yes and about the model that i wanted to ask you guys .... haw about the...
  14. P

    What do you belive in?

    well...? I belive in UFOs (since i belive i have seen 2) i belive in ghosts, since 1. they are cool, 2. i know 3. people who think they have seem them, 4. i dont like too think when i die i just ...stop.. :P i belive in the soul, since i think thats a big part of being a ghost ^.^ btw...
  15. S

    i suck hehe deal with it

    just another sig... i really have nothing to work on so im taking old pics of myself and fing with them
  16. K

    Someone asked to see a new psych sig...

    I belive it was vegetas briefs but i unno. I fooled around and came out with this. Not as bold as my lst one but i like it a little more
  17. Grim`


    do you like my crappy pictures ? :/ ( crappy ) i think they suck :/
  18. Virtigo Seven

    Dragon Skins

    SHENLONG SKIN SHENLONG SKIN SHENLONG SKIN Look, the show is called "Dragon Ball Z/GT" correct? Then it would seem logical to have a Shenlong skin as well as a skin of the Namek dragon. Or am I just being dumb?