1. DiebytheSword

    I have a request on behalf of the Forum Fight Club

    Right now we are using rather ugly icons to signify championships for the fight club using the forums new award feature. What I would like, are gif images of championship belts with transparent backgrounds. Here are the titles we need icons for: Forum Fight Club Champion Forum Tag Team...
  2. Halorin

    On my own behalf

    I've been in enough servers to hear that I've been apparently banned from the servers. I'll let everyone know that that was not me, but it was Devil taking my name and pulling his old routine of flooding the servers. If all of the servers ran that Admin Mod for ESF that's available...
  3. [RAW]Fusion


    my new map, its a large map that takes up all of worldcraft and ppl who map will know thats quite large. its currently for dmz as you can see and is in the early stages and is no-where near done yet when the map is finished and the new version of esf is out i will make an esf convertion
  4. Chimpbot

    Work in Progress on behalf of SS_Vegeta!

    Hey guys....SS_Vegeta's working on a Kid Buu model...he wanted me to post his pics....remember, this is a work in progress.. Enjoy: He knows of some of the problems..such as the length of the arms and neck.. Anything new would be useful.