1. sub

    It begins

    Right... I'm going to do something in the future so monumental that it will change the course of history and the very core of your being. I'm not sure when it will happen, it could be months from now, it could be years from now, it could even be an entire lifetime from now, but I will make it...
  2. M

    LHC Begins Operations - End of World Near

    After numerous delays, the Large Hadron Collider began operations March 30th, 2010: Source:
  3. Promiscuous Girl

    Playstation 3 Reservations Begins Tomorrow

    Anyone actually going to reserve it, first thing tomorrow morning ?
  4. Phatslugga

    Batman Begins

    Just saw it at the theater... and I was extremely impressed with it. Christian Bale did an excellent job playing Batman, the movie was very beleivable and well done. I'll go as far as to say that Batman Begins was the best comic book adaptation ever. No questions asked, I'm owning this move on...
  5. B


    Yeah, i was bored It begins Original
  6. CM

    And yet another saga begins... (Naruto)

    Yep, in Episode 78 raw, when i opened it up, i saw a BRAND NEW intro. So i skipped to the end and saw a brand new outro to go with it! then i went to Narutofan and there was a news post about it with download links to the intro and outro. Spoilers on what it features: (Highlight to read) Well...
  7. C

    I Challange The Guy That Begins with A

    I have no clue who that is. If your name begins with A, fight me in an official fight club challenge! Other wise, Cucomba! i challange you! me and Mah Lizzard! *Makes hissing noise's and slithers off...* *Note* This is real BTW, i really want to do this. And ill like da Prozac man for...
  8. N

    G.S. Falls, and a new project begins!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to say it but my old generic studios site was resently found to have been earlier taken and reserved by another person or persons. No worries how ever, I spoke with my folks they are willing to let me host my own site for a hole year through The site isn't going...
  9. E

    New Models!...

    K i havent been showing work lately as ive been changing the style of my models alot lately, i ended up creating a new Base model with T positioned arms, so far they havent given me any problems :) Goku - 1671 Polys Goku - 1700 Polys Krillin - 1581 Vegeta - 1502 Tien -...