1. B

    My beginners art ( lots of **** )

    Here are some things i made a pretty long time ago :
  2. Seph`

    Beginners Guide - IRC

    What is IRC? IRC, short for "Internet Relay Chat" is a program which allows users to send messages to other people and recieve messages back. Similar to MSN and AIM but with mass capacities (you can send to unlimited people at a time). IRC is connected by a set of servers which "relay" the...
  3. Seph`

    Beginners Guide - Installing ESF

    Half-Life This is necessary to play the modification, so you need this first! You can pick this up at your local game store for around £7 ($10) or buy the bundled "Half-Life: Generations" for around £15 ($18). You can also buy online at Amazon or GAME and find it cheaper! Installing...
  4. C

    I need help!

    Will someone please help me start a model? Or at least give me the best tutorial for beginners? Ive seen a few tutorials and they are all dumb and confusing. they dont really explain Thank You
  5. Pommy

    My photoshop 7 tutorial

    I had this tutorial posted but then I was told to move it to The art tutorials page but I also wanted feedback on it. So here it is ok? It also is in there :X I have created a photoshop 7 tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the basics.
  6. P

    Milkshape 3D

    Allright. Im a very very newcomer for this program. All i can do so far is draw circles and so on. I dont have anything to show off. All i want to know is if any of you know a good tutorial for very very bad beginners. If ya do just post em ther. Thanx My thought of the day: Diamonds are...
  7. xstortionist

    Basemodels for Da beginners and Learners!!!!!!

    I've had some spare time on my hands so I thought I would make a basemodel for everybody that was interested in learning 3D modeling or anybody that was a beginner and wanted to use the model as a reference to look at while modeling. I encourage everybody that wants to learn 3D modeling to look...