1. BladeZ

    Nice idea for beginners

    Hi I'm new and i am terrible in ESF so u could make a some kind of a Turutorial an advanced and basic it would at least help beginners (And me) when the game comes out What do you guys think. Don't wright no pls wright what u think about the Turutorial idea
  2. D

    Esf... Beginner

    o_o umm.. hi ive Come here today becuase i had an old verstion of this and i would like to play the newest ones so, can some one link me to the ecxact place i need to be?? and give me step by step help To the newest ones... thanx :yes:
  3. [SAS]Orion

    Beginner at work!

    yes I bought myself a camera! I know I don't know much about taking photographs, in fact I know nothing apart from point and shoot, making my photographs lack composition and clarity o_O Anyway, i'd like to show this shot of some greenery near my house (there's not much to shoot in my town...
  4. S

    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    Well here is where ill be posting my drawings :paper: :cool:
  5. T

    I am a beginner,PLZ HELP

    i reach the transformation level but i cant transform? WHY? any special config needed HELP!!!!!!
  6. T

    I am a beginner,PLZ HELP

    i reach the transformation level but i cant transform? WHY? any special config needed HELP!!!!!!
  7. Z

    newest sig

    ok this is my newest sig im kinda testing the gif part of it though so how is it? i noticed when i wiched it it also made the colors flatten so im going to see if i can fix that later
  8. Constructor

    My 1st own Sig :D

    Hi there, pls comment on my first own selfmade sig :) from 1-10 below or @
  9. rarthax221


    i want to try to begin making/edit models. first of all how can u edit the texture of the model(color) i got milkshape and havnt really messed around to know anythin about it yet.
  10. P

    Beginner trouble

    I have started on a goku head. I want to show it but i dont kno how so im asking how ppl put in their work right into the message. Plz help me. Thanx in advance
  11. Messiah Daz

    New Avatar Crits

    Hey well I made a new avatar on my new found psp7 Skills and wanted to know what people think. Its not much compared to most others but i am proud :) So Crits everyone.
  12. I

    I need some map Ideas.

    I need some good map ideas for a beginner, ones that would be fairly easy to do... but would take more than 5 minutes :). Also.. I recently made a map. It has a large arena in the middle and a big cage surrounding it. When you run into the cage your insta-killed. Dont know why i wanted to share...
  13. M

    sig rate

    i made a sig can you poeple give me crits and a rate in the poll from 1 to 10 it has no special effect innit but i think its cool because you can see some sort of debt in here. i'm also thinking of animating this sig. and i still must work on the edges they arnt cutt that nice
  14. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    question about lightwave

    what one is better for a beginner? Lightwave 6.5 or 7? i was just wondering since it seems alittle better to model with than milkshape. and easyer than 3dsm4.