1. H


    It's important! So I have download the awesome EVM MOD! But I have a problem! I know that i can transform to another levels, but I can't BE stronger than SSJ!!! Why ??? How can I Get another levels like SSJ2 SSJ3 or SSJ4 ???? :scared: I have already download the Skin pack too.... :smile...
  2. Tweek

    VB C++ Tut (4 a beginer)

    ..i hav been modlin 4 cumming on 3 years now but 4 the past year iv been wonting 2 code :P, i was wondering if n e 1 has a BEGINNERS tut or if n e 1 could make a tut. Just genral stuff like the programs needed, sum code examples and explanation of wot 2 do and stuff :D well if n e 1 could help...
  3. B

    My first Sig

    Is this a good sig? Its my first one