1. DBZ master

    have you ever done it befor you know what im talking about heres a hint [yes harder]

    how many of have done it before dont make me spell it out you know what i mean tell me yes or no and dont lie
  2. Panzer

    ummm.... sorry if this has been said befor

    I want to help with coding. I know C++ but I have never done anything with what i have learned.
  3. M

    Finaly some awesome Buu models check them out

    Here are the best Buu models ive seen here are some pictures This is the Buu pack And this is the Buu(Gohan) Model Here download them
  4. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  5. K

    Lord Slug goku model

    I was wondering if anyone saw the dbz movie lord slug? IF anyone saw it I think someone should make a model when goku is fighting against lord slug and he is just about to punch goku but then he blocks it with his hand then he turns into a diffrent kind of super saiyan. He has the yellow aura...
  6. D

    How do i make my sig work?

    Ok i got the url www.(just an example).com what do i put befor it or after it to make my sig work? DAmmit wrong place to post
  7. Z

    the mod is lifted

    hy we have been working on the mod non stop (atleast i am we have about 8-10 poeple now news update : we have added 2 mappers dragongod is out of the mod he lost interst in the mod we are stil looking for a coder we got a realy ood modler in the team insted of dragongod i learnd how...
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