1. NeLo

    Alright...1st Naruto Sig just becuz...

    Ya what the thread said. Decided to create somthing with Naruto in it cuz i like the cartoon so much. Anyway something about this particular piece i feel is incomplete. Critz/Comments/Hints would be helpful if you dont mind ofcourse. Well no more talking and here we go. But before you say...
  2. S

    ssj4 vegeta compiling

    hi there i need some help i want that ssj4 vegeta and gt vegeta for 1.1 (u can find it on redsaiyan) but i dont know how to compile it for 1.1 so i wonder if someone of u modelers or someone can compile it for me? seeya.
  3. S

    another bojack trunks

    a good bojack trunks! ok i made a bojack trunks out of the majin vegeta model and the orig trinks. and i used brollmans ssj trunks head. i would show pics but my uploaders is under maintainence. can i send the pic anthe model to someone so they can host it. and i changed the burnig attack...
  4. Kman3252

    new sig

    what do u think of my new sig <br> <embed src="" quality="high" width="350" height="96">
  5. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin Vegeta Model?

    can some 1 post me a picture of an majin vegeta model i wanna see it sooo bad ^^