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    Vegeta To BebiVegeta

    `Info Version 1.2 - 2008 update This plugins is adding 2 more transformations for vegeta. From ssj vegeta to ssj4 vegeta and then to bebivegeta. The powers of babivegeta -all the powers from vegeta ssj except the melee atack -kamehameha -friezadisc -unlimited ki Usage Write in console: bind b...
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    Much improved Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta

    I've changed alot of the model and reskinned the whole thing. I think it looks alot better and much more accurate to the character in the show. I'm looking for someone to host it. esf-world went down like a day after they uploaded my old model and are still down. Even a list of sites that...
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    beby Vegeta :: Reskinned

    took me 7 min or less.. Not that good but if someone wants it it will be available on mah site. I'll give the link later cuz for now the Download server is down.