1. KYnetiK

    Give my DBZ beats a listen...

    I mess around mixing and producing music in my spare time, and one of my passions was playing with dragonball samples. I know its not everyones taste, and theyre lengthy tracks (esp Cooler), but its pretty unique and i think quite worth the ride. Heres a few of my tracks that are usually...
  2. A

    Gt Goku

    Does anyone know where i could find a gt older version of goku model u know where he had on blue and with white belt on.....:paper:
  3. Demi-Shadow

    Link Model!!

    Ok, it's more of a pack.. but still. I'm making a Link pack to replace Trunks for v1.1, The pack will consist of: A child Link model/skin An adult Link model/skin for the transformation New sounds A shield for the block animation (un-confirmed) New sprites (like bombs and boomerang)...
  4. S

    could you make a vegetto or gogeta?

    Could you have for esf a vegetto/gogeta/gotenks? it would be much cooler if that could. :]