1. D

    bear share is useless?

    aight, well i was using bear share, and since all the files are wma. i couldnt get them in itunes...then i tried to convert them to mp3. and they were like drm or dir or somthing protected and i couldnt do that either. does any one use bear share, and if do you get past it...
  2. S

    Chief Bear On Head

    Yea starting another little wip, trying to squeeze in as much detail with as little polies as possible. The Head Limit is 500, it weighs in at 496, I am trying to loose some more :) so I can add more of the bear and some feathers...... heres the shots
  3. grOOvy

    Signature Request for a newbie-gfx bear

    Lots of talented people on these forums, so I wanted to request if anyone could make a new signature for me. I would highly appreciate any time spent by anyone in making me a signature. This is what I want: - Not animated (moving) in any way - Should have a blue'ish theme, I love royal blue...
  4. dudeman

    The Bear Family

    Hi everyone.. after once again being inactive for a lil while im gonna jump back in action with the release of the W.I.P version of The Bear Family mural: oh and please do NOT pm me or ask if you can get on it cuz unless your in the bear family you cant!
  5. TimTheEnchantor

    Site is down, all images are down..

    Please note it seems my host has lost itself in cyberspace! (Oh no), so please bear with me while I try and figure out why... Just a headsup.
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