1. Grega


    How about this. Beamjumps only possible with genetic beam and nothing else. The other attacks would only explode on the ground (like FF). The reason im suggesting this are people who smack you into the ground charge a kame and beamjumpkill you, while they dont get hurt. C&C
  2. D


    ok, to be honest. where da ;( :devgrin: :devsmile: does the beamjumps hide huh? i have tried out every charakter after beamjumps, nothing. so, where does the beamjumps get in the picture??? plz, just tell me and by the way, i really like your work...:yes:
  3. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Navigating Beamjumps

    Note at the beginning: Beamjumps are great (especially because you can even use them against walls); great job guys. But I think that you should be able to navigate them due to the following reasons: .) It would be much more like the shows .) It would be realistic .) it would be fun! .) it...