1. Sting

    Happy b-day Harsens

    Happy birthday and have a good evening :D
  2. Zeonix


    YOU'RE SUCH A SPECIAL GUY THAT EVEN WHEN YOUR BIRTHDAY HAS PAST I STILL MADE YOU A THREAD (after you ******* *****ed and demanded a thread)! So here it is. Happy Birthday. You are my everything. I can't quit you. XoXoXo, Zeonix Happy birthday to Pain, hyb's other best friend, as well.
  3. DaisukeJP

    Hell yeah its my BDAY!!!

    Hey guys.. i've turned 20 today ^^ wanted to share with ya guys <3
  4. Skyrider

    Happy Bday Skizer!

    According to the forum, it's your birthday today! So happy birthday! :D
  5. Darth Revan

    Happy Bday origin

    Happy Bday dude have a good one
  6. Darth Revan


    Happy Bday final shine ENJOY
  7. hleV

    Happy B-Day, hleV

    Friday the 13th. Wish me a good one.
  8. Darth Revan

    happy bday lukyas

    happybday dude enjoy getting older
  9. J

    happy bday to me

    This is SSJ Shin Carl aka Legend ( I don't know my SSJ Shin Carl password anymore :( ) But yea 21 came to this site when I was I think 14-15ish. I'm already kind of hungover from last nighttttt
  10. john_volkov

    Happy B-DAY Warren

    Happy B-day Warren kind of late but it has to be there
  11. DJ-Ready

    happy bday Skizer

    old man! I made you a super cool cake .. but I got the number wrong ;P <img src="http://">
  12. LionHeart

    Happy b-day Minion

    Have a good one and go have fun ;) *coughgetdrunkcough*
  13. LionHeart

    Happy b-day phoooooob

    Have a good one man! Oh and since one of us is over 18 I think pics are in order, gota ya a little present,here ya go:
  14. Mr.Lukyas

    Happy Bday dan!!!!

    Srecan rodjendan damjane, da ti se sve zelje ostvare i da nesto prcas XD
  15. Mr.Lukyas

    Happy BDay Rocky

    HB Australianianianian. Enjoy the 21st ;P
  16. Dzamija

    Happy B-day, donnierisk!

    Have a good one man ^^ BTW you and my dad are born on the same date XD
  17. Mr.Lukyas

    volkov's bday

    hb hularious dude, enjoy the bday ;)
  18. Mr.Lukyas

    Happy bday Grega!

    Happy bday Grega! and Skyrider! HB slovenain and dutch (I think :P) dudes, have a terribly good party
  19. Mr.Lukyas

    harSens's B-day

    Congratz harSens, have a wild one!
  20. TigerGEO

    Happy B-Day Eclipse

    Have a nice one you modelling machine you ;) XD