1. Kaination

    I need battling music!

    Well, I'm finally getting off my lazy arse to do something for once. I need to make a flash movie (bored) Problem is, I need a song. A good battling song. Just picture this: what would you do if you were in a game where you had to go solo and defeat 1000 enemies at once in a battle...
  2. F

    something new for battling purposes

    this got me thinking cuz everyone complains "oh i hate double teaming" or "oh i keep track of who im fighting" well how about you implement something, ( i dont know what to call it ) where you have your cross hairs on someone and they are red. and you press a button... lets say 'K', and...
  3. A

    Bald guys battling to the death

    I know this sounds realy f***** up, but who would win in a grudge match between dragonballz's Krillin and Austin Powers' Mini-me? i mean mini-me totally owned austin by biting him in the balls and pulling wrestling s*** on him. But then again Krillin had destructo disc!!o_o