1. G

    I now the basics now teach me some middle class stuff

    teach me intermediate stuff i know the basics
  2. Enix

    3d Studio Max Basics [help]

    /me needs help, i need to learn the basics of max, its really eatin at me, i just wannt learn how to make some models in there, i know how to do some of the stuff but i need help mostly in connecting shapes and adding detail into shapes, the videos at poopinmymouth dont work, and im sad :(. so...
  3. TeKNiK

    Back to Basics..

    After a while of complex and cluttered sigs, I've decided to go back to my favorite style. I think I've improved upon it some what though. Critz and Comments are greatly appreciated. ~ZaKu
  4. E

    Back to the basics

    Recently I have had a lot of anime chicks decorating my signatures. I figured it was time to go back to the beginning. Enjoy.
  5. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  6. C

    How can you make map for g*dsake!

    Can someone explain or send a tutorial in Dutch or english i rather dutch. How to make maps?
  7. 1_heart_boobies

    photoshop problems...

    after installing photoshop, and starting it up for the first time a popup window came up and said: "you currently have adobe photoshop's primary scratch and window's primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set adobe...
  8. P

    Animation Questions Cont.

    Okay, now that I know the basics of animating from that sweet @$$ thread that was stickified, how do I port an animation from a .smd into 3dsmax for editing?
  9. D

    Any mapper please read

    Could someone PLEASE make me a map that's basically one GIGANTIC cube. the skybox can be space, with stars and stuff, the lighting can be done however you like. I'd like it to have some asteroids, that explode also, yet, dont make them explode from tiny things, (if possible) try to make it so...
  10. Morrone

    Sounds- The Basics

    Alright, I have gotten half a dozen PMs asking how to make sounds ever since I released my first soundpack. So I decided to make this thread to teach everyone the basics on how to make sounds for ESF. If the mods want they can sticky this. First you need a sound program. I suggest Goldwave...
  11. C

    Can someone help a n00b out?

    I have been interested in modeling for hl mods for a while. I have never used milkshape before, but i think i can maybe learn. Im only 14 and im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you can explain good i can learn. Can someone here give me a whole explanation and teach me step by step how...
  12. G


    can some one give me times in art making?
  13. P

    Modeling problem

    allright. Sorry that i may be asking again but i dont remember. Ok heres the thing. I am very bad at this modeling thing in milkshape 3D cuz i have no clu how anything works. If any one of you who knows how this program works could give me advice or a website where the very very basics are then...
  14. DJ-Ready

    Tutorial: Configuring Hammer + Basics of mapping

    hey hey, ive just finished a small tutorial to show you n00bs the basics of mapping ^^ maybe that helps ya a lil bit solong DJ-Ready
  15. owa


    Hey, I'm making my site layout, and I usually owuldn't use a tutorial but I'm completly lost... I need a good Tutorial on how to make metallic like pipes. Pleaseh elp me I'm useing Photoshop
  16. Akhkaru


    Me decide to use PSP to Skin, And I believe It might go well, I know the basics to PSP, and some of the advanced. So, send me some of the files for me to get started, then I'll show ya'll