1. KilledWithStyle

    KilledWithStyle's HL2 mod bash

    Ok this is a thread where I plan to "Mod bash" or critique every HL2 mod that has a plubic beta/alpha release or is completely released. It seems that HL2 mods are coming out like flies and either I have to swat them down or build them up. This is diffrent forom the minimods page because I...
  2. G

    My First Model Edit Ever.

    Guys today I was bored I decided to practice milkshape when I try to put another models head on a body model from another Trunks it was hard but thanks to LOGAN this what I come up with.Please dont be hard on me is my very first model edit ever. COPY&PASTE LINK TO GO TO MY WEBSITE AND CHECK THE...
  3. Bryggz

    Suggestions for new animations

    ok guys i feel that ill need a seperate thread for this cause this post would easily get lost in those 20 something pages. I want some suggestions for new animations i can make! so far ive made..... change_long, change_finish, a new swoop animation, i did make a new charge_kamehameha but soccer...
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