1. B


    Hi all im working on vegetto he looks good but i need a god skinner ! he need a better skin :( Help he need a little reskin and remodel pm me
  2. DaKD

    SSJ Brolly WIP (Not for ESF)

    heres my ssj brolly that im gonna use for 3d animation (unskinned right now) hows it look . lol dont tell me the arms suk i know he just looked funny armless
  3. Ryoko

    Ho hum 'nother art

    I didn't like my other one too much, and I had 30 mins spare so I did another Ryoko drawing. Don't reply if you are fed up of my art, I don't care for that, just say if you like it or if you think anything needs changing :) Ryoko is currently listening to: No Use For A Name - Why...
  4. A

    Ssj Goku.... With Bangs And No Holding Breath Look

    well I juss downloaded the SSJ scripts and i looked at goku and thought, hmmm.... nice hair but sumthins missing.... then it hit me, Goku gots bangs like THIS then i thought MAYBE i can attempt to edit the skin and fix it and make it look pretty YAY and I ended up whit this.... PLUS I...