1. Almighty_Gir

    Drunk, High, and Trippin' Ballz o/ ****s you up so bad \o/ GIEF MOAR ELECTRO!!!!
  2. K


    u know how in esf , for example goku and his kameha there should be like.... a swivel in of light coming from each direction... before the minimum charge is needed, like the spirit bomb, except its faster and it goes in towards the two hands and create a ball, and the light effect should have...
  3. V

    EVM dragon ballz i get i summon how do i make wish

    i get i summon how do i make wish
  4. Z

    dragon ballz in maps?

    when i started playing i found a map with dragon ballz in i tried to create so i can see what happens. But when i finished creating there werent any ballz?!?!? can some1 tell me how to put them in, plz. :D
  5. S

    Dragon Ballz

    Is there any way u can make it give u 100.000.000 and not 1.000.000. :laff:
  6. T

    Dragon ballz ?

    Is there any dragon ballz or is that in new patch i cant find any maps with ballz on them.
  7. H

    How Do u Get Capture the dragon ballz working?

    i need help, ive tryed everything. ive changed it ingame in console, ive changed it b4 i made the server and ive gone through every config file can neone pls help
  8. P

    Maybe a map

    Well i might make a map for esf like lets see hmm i think I'll get the map Dmz_fort and make it so it can run on esf well dmz is another dragonballz mod for halflife but is kinda buggy but 1.8 is going to be great. But i seemed to deleted it =(
  9. Madd Dog

    Need Some Hurcule Picts

    Well i guess the topic says it all so yeah i need some pictures of hurcule for my new sig that is currently in progress. Any pictures if hurcule will do but preferably i need one doing a pose and one relexed. Any help will be apreated thoe.
  10. A


    I was just wondering where all of you get the high quality pics you use in your sig. I use google but I cant get any good quality pics. Can someone help me?
  11. S

    Need to know a good pic site

    I need to know a really good dbz picture archive. any one know? i wanna start making some more pictures PLEASE HELP
  12. -Dark Shadow-

    Where do you get your pictures from which is on your sig?

    Where does everyone get there pictures from to put on their sig like a web like a ssj goku where do they get that?
  13. T

    capture dragon ballz

    i been playing capture dragon ballz mode and not one i lagged or crashed its awsome **** thats all i do now is summon dragon and get strenth focking awsome beta 1 rocks