1. Tweek

    ..>TGW< Saiyan Saga Pak

    ..Ok a little wile ago Maistro (>TGW< Leader) asked me if i could make a Saiyan Saga Pak 4 him and os i got started :S. i havnt worked on it due 2 bein WAY 2 busy but i hav now started doin it again and came up with the idea not only 4 new Chars but New maps, Sprites, Sounds, GFX. In other word...
  2. S

    My First Map

    Ok I've started my first map. Its a little neiborhood with 4 houses. Its still under majon construction b/c i still have to add trees bushes and etc.. and change some textures around to make it look better. Heres a screen:
  3. H

    hullfile ! ! ! (°.°)

    Sry falls das in einem anderen thread schon beantwortet wurde aber ich hab den ganzen morgen schon gesucht und nichts gefunden ! Ich weiss es wurde in vielen threads beantwortet wie man die hullfile mit HLCC benutzt aber ich kann HLCC nirgends mehr finden und benutze deshalb TBCC das is fast...
  4. A

    Bald guys battling to the death

    I know this sounds realy f***** up, but who would win in a grudge match between dragonballz's Krillin and Austin Powers' Mini-me? i mean mini-me totally owned austin by biting him in the balls and pulling wrestling s*** on him. But then again Krillin had destructo disc!!o_o
  5. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades Vegeta WIP, need Crits

    hey guys... need crits to improve my vegeta model... please post what ever help I can use! ^_^ here is the 3D views of the body here is the hair I've only finished up to the front of the hair.. starting on the back soon.. and on the render the ref pic I used for vegeta's hair
  6. I

    the bald one:P......Krillin

    krillin model finished it like 4-5 weeks ago posting it now:P
  7. S

    Greatest Picture Ever!

    hahahahah check this ish out...funniest picture ever total of like 20 frames and about half an hours work
  8. S

    Hey Ss_vegeta Plz Read This!

    Hey i just found a link to a ssj3 goku model it prety much sux compared to yours but the hair is like i was trying to describe it to u igmore the front of the hair and face because it sux!:)