1. DBZ master

    Im bak

    Hey everyone its me good old DBzmaster i kno a lot of ppl here didnt like me but some did or maybe not but maybe we can start over again and i can make some real freind well hi im fatzo55 plzz show me some luv leave a comment
  2. |Da|K|

    BaK with some new work

    hey guyz got some new work C&C apricated "_" KuRRUPTED DREAMS IN_THE_CLOUDS w00t w00t
  3. R

    Modeling! Please someone be nice and help

    Hey It's son|gohan again for any of you that know me.. lol.. In ESF my name is -ESF-Majin Gohan. I OWN ALL! LOL:P jks jks. Anyways down to business, I would really like to create a model, a mystic gohan ssj model actualy because i like the damaged mystic gohan but there is no ssj one of him ;(...
  4. N

    can u make me a....

    SSJ4 gogeta... i know i posted this b4 but noone tried so im hoping taht someone might actually try this time...
  5. E

    im bak and happy to c ya

    k im pretending that since the new forums came in im a copleate n00b and have never been here k, cool hello this mods pretty cool so when i was bored one day i decided to make a quick model for trunks head i made it from a simple head template i made recently so the whole model + skin is...