1. I

    Cape Gohan

    What do you think about this cape gohan, its only a beta version but its not bad i think. Thanks to -s--bolt for the cape
  2. E

    tribute to my man krillin....

    Well actually I seen that someone was wanting to see some krillin artwork so now I deliver Again I drew this in Photoshop but well let me know what you guys think :]
  3. Lone Wolf

    Grungy wallpaper

    Some people think the font is crap... and I do too... kinda Anyone have fonts suggestions? Critz!... and yea... thats all
  4. Logan4434

    new trunks

    ok i know i said i quit,but after thinkink a bit i got over it(the AIM thing wasnt my only problem just te one that botherred me the most)anyway here s that trunks spin was supposed to upload(i got sick of waiting and did it myself.btw over the next few days my site will be updated with 1.1...
  5. F

    My artwork.

    Gimme a pencil, paper, a scanner, and Adobe Photoshop, and you could get something like this and this. Enjoy.
  6. Black Raven

    Chibi Vegeta

    I was bored,so i played a bit with the scale function of the half-life model viewer,and this was the result : if you like it, i ´ll release this tomorrow. Credits: SS Vegeta for the original Vegeta Model,rescaled by me Viaolator for the skin ,reskined by me.