1. Zeonix

    One Small Step Backwards for Civil Liberties...

    ...and one giant leap for Big brother. Source: Anyone in the UK will immediately recognize this as the same bull**** that was forced onto you. It's getting to the point where we can't really deny that the UK is a testing bed...
  2. Dokutayuu

    Swooping backwards and other odities

    I've noticed that when you swoop, even backwards or sidewards, advanced melee will occur. I've also noticed a small animation glitch, when you walk forwards, sidewards and diagonally backwards your hip does something strange. Also when firing the Frieza disc, you must swap weapon to be...
  3. R

    Jumping backwards

    Well, maybe I am an idiot, maybe I'm wrong, but when I try to jump right-back it doesn't work, while other directions (back, left-back) work! The character just doesnt jump.
  4. Z

    need help exporting

    i edited piccalo and delted his ears and now every time i try i get grabbing .\/piccolo.smd grabbing .\/look_idle.smd grabbing .\/idle.smd grabbing .\/deep_idle.smd grabbing .\/run2.smd grabbing .\/run_backward.smd grabbing .\/walk2handed.smd grabbing .\/walk_backward.smd grabbing...
  5. N

    Swooping Backwards

    Okay well as follows, I think you should be able to swoop back facing forward that way you can allow your opponent to chase you then, if you have the ki, you can know him the other way. Or in Beta 1.2 you would be able to do your combos swooping backward that way the fighters don't stop at each...
  6. E

    first bryce work

    I started to learn bryce a bit... here is my first work:
  7. T

    Swooping Backwards

    I don't know sometimes I just wish I could swoop backwards. Like when someone is swooping at you I would like to be able to start swooping backwards so I could see where they are and what they are doing. Don't know if it would work well or not just an idea.
  8. Ryoko

    My attempt at a "Pro"

    Well I think its alright, nothing super though :x
  9. DiebytheSword

    More fun from your freindly ancient horror.

    )V(ajin Vegeta . . . again.
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