1. KarrdeKNR

    Need Incremental Backup Soltuion

    Ok so one of my HDDs in my RAID 1 tanked the other day. This give me pause to kinda look at my current hardware solutions. Basically, I've not been very pleased with my RAID setup. First, mirror is inherently slower than other options so my read/write times kinda suck. So what I'm looking at...
  2. Skyrider

    Free Bootable Backup CD/DVD

    Does anyone knows a nifty software to create backups? With the following specifications: - Able to save on FTP/Network, Externals & HDD itself. - Able to compress the total size. - Should be able to open the files on another PC with ease. - And of course, restore function. And I'm...
  3. MrPlow

    Picky DVD-RW?

    Alright i found my "old" Oblivion DVD and decided to install the game since i wanted to play some RPG. Anyway i pop the disc in and my DVD-RW starts "reading" it and then it "autoruns" but the autorun is an empty disc window and it's like there is nothing on the DVD but when i click on...
  4. T

    Back-Up Media Question

    I hope you guys can help me with a small dillema I have. I currently want to get some dvd-r discs. I will mainly be backing up my ps2 games(yes, I have a chip) and maybe back up some of my movies once in a while. I just can't seem to choose which media to get. I'm having a tough time choosing...
  5. S

    backup CD is corrupt... i think

    I recently reformatted, and i had saved all my vital files on CD, but i come to use the CD and it takes forever to see wat on there, and wen i try to copy anythin, it says the source isnt found :S ....... if any1 knows a way to help i'd much appreciate it
  6. D

    backup models

    anyone know a good place to find backup models....the original models
  7. dbrulz72

    back-up piccollo

    did anyone make a good skin of piccollo?i replaced mine with a crappy one so can someone please help me?if you can't that sucks...
  8. Sicron

    Model Backup Pack (also sprites and other things)

    Well how about that u make a model/sprite/sound/what ever else, update pack so ppl dont ask for "can i have the original goku model...bla.....bla....bla" and then put the download link on the main site in differnt packs (not everything in one big pack, cuz it will be kinda stupid for those...
  9. G

    i'm new here, i have some questions.........

    if i downloading a new charecter for ESF so does it comes with attacks of her own? and how do i install the new models?
  10. M

    New Model , How to use it?

    I had just downloaded a new model and the site said that there was suppose to be a README.TXT file in the DLed ZIP file Well , there was not! none so please guide me and tell me where exactly each and every filetype should I put? I really dont want to take an unsure risk cause the last...
  11. E

    Normal Goku

    Can Someone make or post a link to an old post, to a normal model good reskin please??
  12. D

    The Goku Sig I Made

    yo everyone, i just made a sig for -|dbz|- goku, and i woul dlike to know your comments... thanx...