1. Nuttzy

    UT2k4, im in awe

    well i do realize the game has been out for awhile, but it is new to me, i got it home and to my surprise it had 6 cds and took a whopping 5 gb of hd space, (and i thought diablo 2 needed alot, its only a gig) after the lengthy installation process, i finally got to play it, the game is the...
  2. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1
  3. .FM.

    note book art

    yea i got bored in school :S
  4. S

    I'm in awe of you Vassago

    Vassago I am in awe of your modeling/skinning abilities. Also is there any chance the next release will be coming soon? I know it's tough work and I'm not trying to rush everyone just curious... well that's it. :\ I just wish I could model. Visit my homepage:p