1. Prozac

    Weird awakening.

    So, this morning at about 5 am-ish, I woke from a nightmarish dream. (It was actually pretty cool. all dark and left 4 dead/dead island kinda setting.) As I woke up, rather abruptly I might add, I felt something I can't describe in another way then a static electric ring starting from the outer...
  2. Volosity

    Damen - Demon: The Awakening

    this is my newest WIP i decided not to join DBS and start my game this is Damen when he is older i will update alot of this model i am out for school :P well C&C are always welcome thx bye PS: polycount is 332 and i'm addeing animatable eyes and eyelids
  3. SSJ2_Son_Gohan

    DBZ: The Awakening

    Ok, the other thread got shut down because I was "Advertising". I see people "Advertising" models, maps, skins, and sprites all the time. All I was doing was asking for opinions. I'll try again, and if it gets shut down again, I'll get really mad and smash my head into my monitor pretending it...
  4. SSJ2_Son_Gohan

    Dragonball Z: The Awakening

    Ok, this RPG is going to be cool as soon as I'm finished. But give me your opinions on what I've done with it so far: No adversiting.