1. -Origin

    Big sister awaits your return...

    ... to Rapture. Also, take a look at I can't wait. ^^
  2. Kaination

    My challenge awaits.

    Anyone wanna challenge me? This will be my first fight, I kind of want to get used to it before I take on the big green guy. My goal is to beat the undefeatable Cucumba o/ So, anyone wanna help me get started?
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Death Awaits..

    As always - crits are welcome
  4. SSJ_ReNe

    My artwork

    Was a little bored so i did this Ryoko from the esf IRC Channel wants me to do some drawings of Ryoko from Tenchi, so i'll post them in this thread once there done :D Please tell me what you think about my work
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