1. D

    avitar and other thing

    I cant get mine to work it says some stuff about crap its really annoyind please help
  2. Saiyan_Fury

    My new avitar

    So what you think? crits please. Also, have mercy my first animation. ps: If you know how to make this sucker transparent in psp8 or anamation shop3 I'll be very happy to hear from you.
  3. I

    New sig and avitar...

    Well, since its just about summer, my old sig says to me "It's too **** hot! Pic on some other people to show off!". So i made a new sig and avitar. What'cha think? Wich one is better? Plan or...the wierd one? -I just need some crits before i switch over. *He...Breath of "Fire", its...
  4. I

    Made a sig and avitar with Paint.

    Well...instead of taking 30mins out of my time and makeing basically the same stuff with P.S.P. I decided to go back to that good'ole program, Paint. All together it took me 10-15 mins to make'em. By using my PS emulator and sipping some green tea...I constructed these. -Pictures from...
  5. D

    Siggy :P

    check out the sig and i want u to pic which gundam blend looks better out of the 3 ;) also has avatar to go with it :D
  6. A

    like my avitar?

    hey everyone.. i made a avitar all by myself!! tell me what u think oh and this is the large version since iss hard to make that one out
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