1. Arsenovicius

    Avanced Training Demo.

    well after i saw a topic about it..i made a demo. To work this demo u have to do : 1 : Extract the .rar file to esf directory 2 : Lunch game 3 : type in console "Viewdemo" and the demo name. Then in case you can't see the model.. u can type "thirdperson" There you go I d like this demo...
  2. M

    Avanced MEELE

    WOW! I just wanted to say to the esf team u guys/gals KICK ASS! i now cant wait for 1.2 the avanced meele stuff looks to awsome! U all are puttin ur very best effort into this mod as I and everyone else can and should be able to plainly tell!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes...