1. B

    People Automatically drop from my server

    People Automatically drop from my server, when i look at the console it says "ESFnoob" dropped or "IRONMAN" dropped, im wanting them to be able to join and download my custom model and just join me in general, what causes a drop? my ports are forwarded.
  2. Damaera

    Firefox automatically clearing private data?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with Firefox where it clears all of my private data (logs me out of forums/webites) whenever I close it. Problem is, I have no idea why. I don't have "Clear private data when Firefox closes" selected, so that's not the problem. I can't think of anything else, so...
  3. Morvin

    Game settings are automatically erased and some windowns of settings appear in blank

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. A

    every time i start a dragonball mode game it automatically switches to team mode..

    can anyone help me figure out why its doing this and what i can do to help it?I mean its starting to get annoying :cry:
  5. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  6. M

    Original Goku

    Well ive lost my original Goku skin could someone plz send it to me My Mail or add me in msn [email protected]
  7. G

    can some one help me plz?

    can some one plz send me the two spirit bomb sprites because i forgot to back them up. :cry: so if some one can send them to me ill be very greatfull.
  8. Warrior_Elite45

    No Camera In Worldcraft?!

    When I make an object in worldcraft nothing ever shows up in my camera box/area. Can anyone please explain why?
  9. Bryggz

    question for any experienced animators(milkshape)

    ok ive done it accidentaly a couple times but it would save me SO MUCH TIME if someone could tell me how to do this....ok one time i had a beginning frame....and then i place the last frame....and all the frames in the middle (the ones leading from the 1st position to the last position) were...
  10. S

    Anyone Have goku model

    I really need the orginial goku model that came with esf. the Goku.mdl file i need it back. Is there anyway i can get it. or may some body send it to me plz
  11. G


    is there a site to gets esf prefabs? cause i need a kamis lookout, but cant find one, and oh and a rounded house like gokus and capsule corp too pleeeeasssee!
  12. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
  13. V

    aahhh!! someone help me

    can someone tell me a link for the skin of cell 2 cause i downloaded a skin for him but it was the wrong skin and he came out all big and ugly.plz plz someone tell me a link for cell 2.:cry:
  14. Jaredster

    help help.

    Does anyone know where to get a palette converting prog?
  15. G

    Failed FUSION

    I was trying to do some modeling and i was finished and loaded anohter char and this is what happened
  16. K

    Anyone want a Vegeta Sig?

    I was bored so I made one. This is for someone without a sig or someone with a horrible sig. Just first to post gets it. Here it is. Just the first to post, leave your name (what name you want on it) and AIM
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