1. C

    Any aus players out there?

    Theres an aus server in perth and everything, but i never see anyone on. All the servers have rediculous ping for me, so i cant play at all. It makes me sad, cause i always enjoyed this game, but now i cant really play it at all. All my rl friends dont wanna play cause im way better than them...
  2. |Overlord|

    A new Aus Server

    a new aus server has launched for all us aussie to play on. If you have noticed it's server , you'll see it in the server list i dunno what's happening with the other servers though , ozforces is apparently down for a breif period of time and the gamespace server disappeared...
  3. W

    AUS ESF Community

    Please refer back to this post.
  4. W

    AUS ESF Community Started!

    Heya guys, I've seen a number of people asking about AUS servers being put up and not enough being online. Well I'm a network manager for several gaming networks here in Australia which all provide gamer standard pings and quality of the servers, no problems at all. I've decided to start an AUS...
  5. S

    I Need Some Aus Servers Or Game Areana Servers!!!!!!!!

  6. B

    Aus ESF

    hey it's Marshal here. I just made an australian channel for esf players it's #ausesf any of you guys are welcome to comeand idle there. I'm pretty new to the game but catching on quick, its heaps fun and should be sweet with lots of players. I am currently trying to get one of Australias main...
  7. freeportpretz22

    Vegeta Model Edit

    All this credit goes to Brollman's, all I did was edit the eyes, eyebrows, and hair. ENJOY!!! (Might have to copy and paste!!!) *EDIT* I need a host!!! :cry:
  8. D

    Dark Knights Artwork

    hey hey ive been usin photoshop for a while and i just wanna show some of u guys bit of muh skill ^_^ these are my 2 favorite things i have made so far and what ya think? ^_^
  9. I

    Aus esf players

    i live in sydney as well and so dus one of my friends we both luv esf so mayb this weekend (22nd-23rd of march) we could play and my friend has spare comp to make dedicated so wateva my msn is: [email protected]
  10. A

    Aus Gamers!!

    hey i just got this mod an i live in australia i was just wondering if there were any other people in syd who played this coz i feel so lonely in the maps shooting at walls an stuff.. gimme some competition!!
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