1. K

    Audi R8 W.I.P

    Hello, This is the first time I'm making a model with max. I used some references from Audi. Let me know what you think so far. and if you have any crits. Thanks to for hosting the images. Credits to Audi for the blueprints and a super cool car! Please let me...
  2. J

    Audi a3 [Wip] secound model in 3d s max =]

    Started my secound model after my goku i did =] this time im doing a car. my fav car a audi a3 =] ill upload a pic of what i got so far and the ref pic im using. So u get a idea what im doing. =] 692 polys so far =] next to detail n fix front bumper =]
  3. F

    Audi [dunno which model really]

    Dont rememebr when i posted here last time. This is my first attemp for modeling a car. Ou well once i made a Kaios car but i dont remeber when that was. It still needs work in the back, fixing propotions a little and more detailing...
  4. dale_22x

    Audi TT model

    here is a car,..i started working on,.. the renders are swuashed on the first 2, refer to the last one for proportions,..... some one teall me how to fiz those cracks XD made in 3ds 5
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