1. KidMan

    Requesting Teenagers with Attitude Now this brings back memories. Green Ranger > everyone.
  2. Suh Dude

    Gods World?wTF i don't know

    No bady crits i want Good Things about it
  3. Mistery X

    Freeza Form 1 WIP, SC...

    still a wip
  4. sexyasian86

    Piccolo Buu!!! ^________^

    here is something for you people that wanted another buu got bored so i decided to make this. here is the buu. :laff: will also be with the site. Credits: Logan [for buu model] ESF fatbuu [for the cape, long white long thing on back] S-Bolt [for the chest armament, white thing around...
  5. S

    Pro's great edits plz reconsider

    Pro youre models youre edits are great i don't understand why you get pissed off for nothing if you hate credits than let someone else release the model Or give them to the loyal esf playes if you reconsider send them to me and i will release it on snake-d site (and if you hate credit so...
  6. |Da|K|

    MY first WP attempt

    HEY this is a WP i made for my friend hurley boy tell me wat u think [FIRST EVER WALLPAPER!!!]
  7. I

    all thse models.. and new stuff on site..but..

    but.. how come yall cant put it in the game eh? and on the site you got this extra bar.. or is that just the beta 1
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