1. sub

    EA attempting takeover of Take-Two

    God damnit.
  2. Celticus


    OKEY!!!! i'm gonna release my ingame screenshots!!! (i always call them targa's because it are targa files) :rolleyes: some pictures are from 1.0 models because i started when 1.1 wasen't released yet Here's pic: and here's the file...
  3. X

    Requests for normal SSJ1/2 Gohan models/reskins

    Im sorry. You guys may have tried attempting to give him a bit more hair or make gohan battle damaged. But it will always look bad because of that pijama hese wearing. or what ever the hell it is. I cant stand to play or look at gohan with that skin D: Can anyone model him or reskin him...
  4. Antoine3323


    Alright, Im attempting to make my first map and whenever I try to select a character, the server restarts!! Whats wrong??? Could it be the entities??? And what entities are needed??? This is my first try so I need a lot of help, and yes, I read a tutorial!! Then again, it was one for Firearms...