1. D

    Here's a new Sig I made for one of my Friends

    What do you guys think?
  2. S

    Free Tutorial Written By Moi

    Hey guys, Me and my friend just finished writing a tutorial. I made it up he just wrote it for me. Here it is, Enjoy! Oh and before I forget, Thanks to Ryoko and [SAS]Orion for hosting this for me :) <-- This is the tut...
  3. Antoine3323


    Alright, Im attempting to make my first map and whenever I try to select a character, the server restarts!! Whats wrong??? Could it be the entities??? And what entities are needed??? This is my first try so I need a lot of help, and yes, I read a tutorial!! Then again, it was one for Firearms...
  4. Akhkaru

    My SSJ Goku MDL

    Ok, I did the reskin, and I edited the model. I need to redo the bangs and spike them out, but otherwise, I thinks It's good for a first mdl.
  5. VivaLaPineapple