1. Kasey

    Microsoft's Project Natal (360 attachment thingy)

    I looked around and it looked like nobody posted this yet so... Microsoft is working on some thing that will attach to the 360 and you won't need a controller. It's sort of like the wii but better. Watch the video it's ridiculous.
  2. NinJa HunteR

    Mdl importer

    Mdl importer for 3ds max Can be Found Here If the link above don't work try Here COPYRIGHT: YobGuls From Wc3 Campaigns *Edit*Sorry i forgot to especify for which modeling program is. ( 3ds max ) (MAXscript)
  3. T


  4. God Gundam

    BD Goku

    for those that care- this one i took more time to make than tha gt goku. see the difference in time and care of the 2
  5. S

    can any one help me with a bone problem for my model??

    it keeps saying this every time i go to compile my model ow wrong? ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Rhand Pointer2' can any one help?? thx
  6. G

    NeD's vegitto

    Yes, here's the Vegitto I've been practising my skills on :P .
  7. Emeka650

    M.O.D. Gohan skin

    Gotenks is bieng reskinned and gohan is almost done only chest skin is left. and here is a wip of trunks
  8. K

    Assistance w/ New Krillin Model

    I'm trying to place a new krillin model in my ESF, because I like krillin's attacks but don't like krillin. My only problem is the destructo disk always appears right in the middle of the model(instead of a few inches above his hand). I downloaded a Goten model, who is smaller the krillin and...
  9. Bryggz

    Ssj longhaired trunks re-make (mostly hair)

    hey guys i guess i kinda went for an ussj look but i was hoping that i did the hair better for y'all, gimme some crits on it so i know how to make it better (i dunno i just got weird feelin bout it) click here
  10. Bryggz

    One last problem.....(model-wise)

    ok guys it seems that whenever my model is doing the distructo disc, the disc is in the MIDDLE OF HIS BODY, not above his hand, would anybody happen to know why is this? perhaps bone assignment has to do with this? does anybody know? i'd appreciate the help!
  11. Z

    new LOTR drawing ( probably my best yet)

    for some reason i can´t seem to post it, anyway u can see it right ? :)
  12. E

    Janemba for
  13. B

    Need a hoat to host my skins

    Please PM me if you can host my skins for me. i really thank you
  14. I

    New model high poly and normal

    here the links..hope you like still not done
  15. S

    pimpin? hey its my job

    I have some Models done over the ages a knife Car and my plaine tell me what you think
  16. R

    kui,or vegeta model

    heya,well here is my vegeta or kui model(i don't know what to make it cus it looks good for both well tell me what ya think for now