1. MaX

    esf_buu screens

    i had to reinstall me puter so i lost the buu map.. but im into modeling and animations so pay atttention there. looks for thread in models/skins called. 1stanimations on my 1st model. :D screen are deleted.. Sooooorrryyyyyy......
  2. K

    Trans And Att must look

    Ok here is my idea dont know how good or bad but give me feed back Goku trans/Kao-Kan ssj ssj2 ssj3 Att/normal-Normal Beam Kamahama Spirit Bomb Kao-kan/just a multi piller power up so to say Att/ssj-Normal Beam Kamahama Teleport While Charging up Att/ssj2-Normal Beam Kamahama...
  3. P

    n00b att mapping!

    Hello ive just started att doing ESF maps, and i will be greatfull if anyone could give me any advises!?