1. Rikmaru

    Controlled/Uncontrolled Ki Atacks

    ...hi...well...i had this idea a few days ago...idkn if someone already had this idea but...anyway... (this is only for specials atacks...not for kiblast,blue atack,purple or yellow...) its kinda simple...when u charge some special ki atack(Goku=Kamehameha) while u charge the atack u will be...
  2. Andreyesf

    Atacks of android 17 and 18

    As i know the androids are very powerful but neither of you dont have a sugestion of android 17 and 18?Now i was thinking 17 and 18 to have a special weapon like in budokai 3 that thing when both of themes throws ferocious attack at the oponnent is it like a partener (buddy) 17 can help 18 and...
  3. V

    new melee atacks + solar flair sugestion

    this one can be used when you use some kind of combo Buu: Elastic form: bind the player making him unable to move, and unable to breath, if you cant win the strugle in 5 sec, your health slowly goes down, and when your on 10% health, you can be knocked out or something like that (once every 3...
  4. C

    Trans and atacks (ki and melee)

    This is a Thread about Trans and atacks (ki and melee). There must be some drastical changes in Esf about Trans and atacks (ki and melee). And mostly for transforming it is way too short and you can ascend only one level Here are things to be changed: 1.More transformations 2.Longer...
  5. M

    matrix models????????

    can someone make matrix models a neo or ghost or niobe model is a good idea and than must they can make the time slower as atacks must they shoot with weapons (pumpgun,mugnum.....) and they must fight very good, they must fight how they fight in the film. good luck o make it...
  6. MR GUMP!!

    Increasing power lvl by charging atacks

    This Idea came to me when i saw the Raditz vrs picolo+goku episodes, As Goku and picolo charged up thier atacks the scouter recognised it, showing that thier pwr lvl was increasing. I personaly dont think this would be of difficult nature to code, but then again I dont know alot about codeing
  7. V3g3t@

    charge atacks

    i think there should be charge atack to increse speed and strengt for a short time like the kao ken atack or the white or yellow flames so you can do a super kick or punch greetz [email protected]