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    Ash - Hoen Region.

    Hello Everyone, Been along time since ive posted anything... that had to do with anything. Here is ash, a player model for pokemod, it has wasted polygons and a few triangulation errors but nothing i cant fix, the hands are going to be replaced with new ones, and yeh. A special person is...
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    South Australian Fires - Worst than Ash Wednesday

    In Port Lincoln, and Sorounding areas. A bush fire ran rampant. 9 are currently dead. 12 are missing. Millions of sheep and cattle are destroyed, houses, cars, caravans, other vehicles. lost. many people. the fire was travelling at 140km's an hour. Towns and cities in danger: Wangry...
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    Advanced Ash :O

    Well yeh ive started making a ref for me to model ash for pokemod (woohoo), urm anyone want to help me out by telling me anything wrong with him? (Thats if any of you acutally watch pokemon anymore lol) Oh well here he is :/.
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    Ash Ketchum WIP

    I made this one for Pokemod when there porting to HL2. it's gonna be a high-poly Ash model. I'm going for a maximum of 2600 poly's. Hope you guys like it.
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    WallPapers Random

    Hey everybody, I have been gone for a while, but im back now. Here are some wierd wallpapers and gfx I found in my stash. Some of them were just quick gfx I made, but I just felt like sharing em with yall. Good to be back. C ya.