1. Greenberet

    Army System

    Many of you are already playing the Army Game. You can read about the basic Army Game in the original thread. Currently I'm working on the army system which means: fixing bugs, add some features, ... Also this system is currently a test version where we play with some values so we can get a...
  2. Desmond Tiny

    The Army and you!

    I'm currently signing up to join the army (the British army, the only one that matters :P ) in November and will be signed up for about 4 years (I'll get home leave for about 2 months in that, the rest of it I will be abroad) It did however make me wonder has anyone else considered joining...
  3. M

    America's Army 2.7.0

    Anyone here play the latest version of America's Army? It's pretty nice, a few new maps for multiplayer, a few more training missions, and some other things. They added drivable vehicles though it's really weird of how it works, of course it tries to stick with reality (you're forced to buckle...
  4. tekhsheen

    Pwnage army

    the smallest army i've ever made in red alert 2 infact it is enuf to kill the enemy in less than 5 minuts :devsmile: my korean black eagle army my best score so far
  5. L

    Americas Army Players?

    Anyone one the ESF Forum's play americas army? If so, we should play a game of AA..
  6. X

    Click this and JOIN MY ARMY!!! can u help out a gurl here??

    all u have to do is click this link DO NOT CLICK THE LINK :o and then follow the directions click the number it tells u to and click "Join Army" u have to register but its totally free and its a fun game plus i need strong guys to help me out ;) i appreciate it lots of luv and kisses tank...
  7. S

    Red Ribbon Army Clan

    l am openin a clan called the red ribbon clan or RR for short it will be led by me Spiral and my friend Doomer, if you wish to join the clan simply tell me here or find a game called red ribbon and ask to join if you enter the clan u will need to display the RR tag at the end of your name peace...
  8. Colgetto

    Army, join in..where..

    I am wondering what you guys think of the army,if you want to join if you hate it. i am gonna join the army, i exercise 3 times a week strength training and condition. first i´m gonna join LMb( lucht mobiele brigade- air mobile forces) and after 4 jears gonna join(if i make it:laff: )Korps...
  9. Jango*Fett

    Americas army

    Has anyone here played americas army? if so is it good or even worth downloading?
  10. S

    Americas Army

    I need help on this game. as i registered on the website they sent me an email. in this is a auth key, which must still be registered. there is a link too where i can register. but the link doesnt work. as u can see there is a 404 error, so i cant play this game. help me! i wanna know how...
  11. ZuL

    The Golden Rocket Crowbar!

    Hello. Some of you don't know who I am, but i hang around RocketCrowbar's forums alot. And I am gonna show you my latest piece of art, the Golden Rocket Crowbar. 1822 polygons, and its not made for any game. Not now. Not ever. I am using 3d studio max 4, if someone asks. There is a newer version...