1. S

    Please!!!,somebody help me!, arghhhh...

    Okay here is the deal! i wanted to compile my model from .QC to MDL, and so it worked. but then i noticed milkshape didn´t grab the animations, only the reference, can i compile with the animations??? please help, thnx already!
  2. TehMuffinMan

    the evil ping... ARGHHHH

    sorry.. cheesing me off MAJOR now.. like, i got a really good pc, plays ut2003 in maximum resolution perfect. but esf.. ARGH i got 150k bandwith and goes great on other games, but when esf, grr.. like, i got esf with mr. satans script that helps ping on, i got the resolnution at 800x600...
  3. T

    Arghhhh Screwed Up Admins!!!!!

    FFS!!!!!!!!!!! i just joined this server, saw a guy and attacked him, then suddenly he sez, DONT ATTACK ME WHEN IM TYPING! and starts having ago at me, then bans me from the server permantly! i mean ffs the screwed up admin scum!!!!!!!!!! wot did i do, play the game! and i get banned! his name...