1. C

    Maps Sercet Areas

    i was wourding if anywone knows in sercet areas on maps i foud one today at namecks traingle it was by a friezas ship in the grass wall its easyer to find on spectate soo if anywones knows any post here
  2. V

    WIP : Setsuna

    I discovered ESF 2 days ago, and I enjoyed the game. So I decided to make an original model^^ It’s Setsuna from psychic force 2012. There’s still some errors in anatomy ,and the polycount is probably too high for Half life... But I have the (bad?)habit to fix the mesh during the...
  3. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    My first map!

    Ive finally decided to not be lazy and set hammer up, so ive started my "first" map (not really, just the first one im gonna make public) It's name will be vc_hell, and you will see why in the pics i will post (funny, not evil:devgrin:.) Expect pics later today/ early tommorow and the first...
  4. Hsu

    Eye O_O

    Well I am at college right now and we have to recreate an eye in PS7 and this is what I have done so far. It is about 1 hours work and I am about 10% complete. I will post updates as they come but i just want some feed back on it. You will have to copy and paste the link...
  5. A

    Thymos Zev

    means "spirit of the wolf" one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the good guy)
  6. Death The Jedi

    1st wallpaper ever

    Here is the first wallpaper I've ever made, tell me what you think.
  7. S

    Trunks with his sword.

    the sword and the....hostler are way out of propotions....i know that beside that. what do u think?
  8. Seph`

    Website Interface

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of designing and interface for my Myth Of Somasite, and this is what i have so far Tell me what you think and can you tell me how to get the specific areas clickable and send you to one place, defined by me. eg the "Forums" button on it would take u to the...
  9. Mistery X

    Saiyan Crusades SSJ2 Gohan Model

    Check it out need the crits so let me know what you all think
  10. D

    gouping in gmax

    is there a simalar way to group things in gmax as in milkshape. basicly i have my model as one object at the moment but i want to put my skins on it, how can i group diffrent areas for skinning. i have tryed the 3dmax tutorial at POLYCOUNT but its diffrfent from gmax and i dont know how im...
  11. X

    i'm gonna try mapping again soon!:boos:

    well recently i thought of a good easy level to make for esf it isn't all together yet but i'm hoping that this time i try i am sucessful :D oh yeah and i need a short instruction on how to make cavern type areas in my map.