1. Cold Steel

    Digging through the archives.

    Heh, I just found my very first thread. As with most people I completely spammed the suggestions section and practically lived in the threads I created. When I look at it now, I gotta say I was a complete noob. Here's the link Here's...
  2. K

    .ACE to.MDL

    Some one wanna tell me how to change a .ACE file to a .MDL (or if i can) so i can use some of the odd files i get sometimes.
  3. S

    any 1 no where to get maps from

    any 1 no where to get maps from cause i dont please tell me:cry:
  4. D

    Help With maps

    Cam some bloak tell me were I can get Swisscheese's cellgames map and where I can find a site wit tutorials for map & model making for ESF???????? much obliged.:devil: :devgrin: :devil: :devgrin: :devsmile: :devsmile: :devsmile: