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    Arcane - Bits n Bobs

    Not done alot this xmas, still tidying this up I am redesigning it at the moment, but for now that will do cause its in my engine. Next bit I am trying to design a wizards cottage for the game but also a higher polygon version for an interactive website of mine. Only just started so its a...
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    Arcane - 1st Beta Picture

    Hi guys just thought I'd show you the first beta I've shown off regarding Arcane. Some of you may remember the dude from the modelling competition 3 hes in there. There are bugs galore so suggest stuff but don't make it obvious errors lol such as, bounding spheres, characters are miles in...
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    Arcane - The Fallen Castle - Speed Creation

    Hi guys, had to whip this sucker up fast took around 4/5 days of work. Theres still "ALOT" that needs doing, I'd like to add some fx shaders, uvmap the walls again, ambience, decals, props and eventually some higher detail geometry and sharper textures. But for now I'm outta time, if people want...
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    Arcane - Beast and Rider

    Hiya just a quickie I did on sunday, 3000 polygons, the rider is supposed to be goblinish very low polygon he was originally only 350 polys haha ... As for the beast there will be a slightly higher polygon version using the whole 3000. Here goes I'm not too happy but its a start :-p
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    Arcane - Skeleton Warrior

    Weighs in at 2300 polys a bit too much for whats there but I dnt have time to optimise it,, think I still need to edit the mesh somewhat its a bugging me. Taken 1 day to texture anyhow heres a quick link,,, theres lots to improve (I was a gimp with the ribs ignore them I'll sort them out O_O .
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    Arcane - Rancheck The Dwarf - LOTS OF IMAGES

    Hi guys New model for a personnal / uni project I am working on. I did set the budget for the model around 3000 polygons. But at the moment I've called it quits at 1902. I'd like to add some more edge loops for deformation and general smoothing as well as incorporating some face animation...
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    Arcane - The Fallen - World Map + skeleton BIGGGG IMAGES

    Hi guys this relates back to the sketch thread I posted a while back. Its a bit messy but I've enjoyed painting it (about 7/8 hours work spread over a few days),, needs quite a few extra details adding. (old thread with past sketches just in case)