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    Applying More then one skin in Maya 5

    i have made a model in maya and have mapped uvs for the head, upper body and lower body now i wanna skin them. i tried to follow the help and i got it to map the head but i dont know how to map the other parts. maybe a tutorial or something would help cause man i have no clue
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    3ds max 4.2 tutorials

    i just spent the last 2 hours looking for beginner tutiorals, i found many 4.0 and 5.0, but not 2 many 4.2 tutorials... if you have any links that have beginner (im mean like really beginner) tutiorals on low poly models on a side note i found 1, started it, yet when i got to step 3 i...
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    Animating Job

    i sent an email Mastasurf a while ago and asked him, but he never replied... so I am applying now.... i will post a model later with some of my animations....
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