1. |Overlord|

    do u need to have 1.2.1patch installed to apply 1.2.2 to esf 1.2 ?

    just curious to find out whether u need to install the 1.2.1 patych b4 installing the 1.2.2 patch ?
  2. S

    Kid Goku problem!

    Well, i made a Kid Goku and i compiled it to MDL, but when i wanted to play esf, the kid goku's skin had all this weird colors!, does anyone know how to fix this, if i cant fix i wont release the model,if it's fixt...i will release it to day. thnx for helping me out! :) :yes:
  3. Cold Steel

    Screen in an unusual shape.

    Ok i suppose most of you know tgw_cloud_palace, i want to do something cool with the dimentional door, from the lookout to the rosat. I want to make a screen in the shape of a door, so when you go to the door, you see the rosat, this way it looks a little more realistic(the camera will be...
  4. U

    24 bit to 8 bit!?

    Ok I have run into another problem, I have reskined Mystic Gohan to have a Red Suit, but now I when I save my BMP I can only save it with 24 bit color, and it won't apply it in HLMV. Do all HL skin have to be 8 bit? If so how can i get it down to 8 bit?
  5. Z

    MSN 6.0 Back Grounds

    this is the first of a series of 10 MSN bgs (hopefully) hope you enjoy. just save the picture, and stick it on ur MSN 6.0 bg thingy... yeah w/e
  6. Wangster

    3dsm 5.0 question

    when i create something and i whant to render it, i get a render tab, i can edit a lot of settings, but there isnt an aply button or something like that, so how do i aply the render to a pic i made??? edit: anyone??
  7. B

    Ten bud map

    well i am a very noob VERY NOOB mapper this is my first half life map so i hope i am doing things good and all and i hope i can also get it ingame but with some help of you i will get there i hope i am using the new GTK radient dev that has a half life compatible too the textures are just to...
  8. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  9. V

    how/ where do i apply the aura?

    can someone tell me where to put the aura that i d/led because i cant figure it out??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. S

    Compiling errors...

    After seeing al the eyecandy in the beta I also want to make maps. So I've searched a tutorial and began workin'. I've tried to make a big room just to try out making a working map. So i made me a big room and added the following entries: - 10 info_good_start - 10 info_evil_start - 1...
  11. F

    Mr Smo

    Can someone answer me something? I see all these wonderful and amazing models and I think to myself....these are fine and dandy but are they able to replace models in ESF or are they just made for us to look at??!?!?!?
  12. V


    How do you apply the skin you have made to your model in MilkShape? Is there a way? What file format can it be? .bmp? .jpg? Is there a specified program to make skins or can you use Microsoft Paint?