1. Dalte89

    Just Applied As Particle Effects Artist

    Ay ppl my name is Dalte89 and i Just Applied As Particle Effects Artist for ESF 1.3, hope i get it. Really love this mod, and one thing its missin is the effectsss, we need eye candyyyy!!! That is wat i definitely can deliver for you guys if i really get this. I dont know if any of you here...
  2. S

    Kid Goku problem!

    Well, i made a Kid Goku and i compiled it to MDL, but when i wanted to play esf, the kid goku's skin had all this weird colors!, does anyone know how to fix this, if i cant fix i wont release the model,if it's fixt...i will release it to day. thnx for helping me out! :) :yes:
  3. S

    Here an idea

    Should I make a REVERSE skin for Goku or Vegeta? ill post the model here once i get idea
  4. S

    Infinity Streak

    Alright, I just finished my layout :D I need some opinions so I'm posting it here ;) The link is [This is considered Artwork because I'm not showing off the code or anything I'm showing you what I did in photoshop ;).. Oh and I thank The_Stinger for coding my...
  5. T

    hey esf look at this (this is not a leak)

    i wont say how i did this but all i can say it was very easy.... no im not giving it out either because i like the esf team to much. there is no point in this im just saying to the esf team you should change that gohan model alot more then you did...