1. sub

    NASA scientist finds what appears to be a fossil of extraterrestrial microbial life

    I couldn't fit this in the headline, but it was obviously was found in a meteorite. This isn't considered definitive proof yet, but it's pretty huge.
  2. Deathshot

    Naruto Shippuden: UNS2 - A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! Hehehehehehehehehe I seen it coming. I SEEN IT! Since Kishimoto made Lars' costumes and all. Btw just found this out.
  3. E

    Help with esf 1.3...

    Hi everyone I just started with esf and the forum but I alrady need help :p As you see,I have a problem with esf 1.3 Openbeta.When I install it(Into CS)and appears what to install,it only shows the necesary files and I don't even have a shortcut with it.I already have installed 1.2.3...
  4. ~*Logan*~

    A wild ??? appears!!!

    Choose what you do then post your own wild thing Example: poster1: A wild banana appears what will you do??? poster2: eat it in one go! a wild blah blah blah so on and so forth So, here we go... A WILD LOGAN APPEARS! What will you do?!
  5. C


    Man, i go to reinstall Steam, then activate a new game and it says my CD key is already used, and is a duplicate! i have the original box! any help is appreciated
  6. E

    When i create a game in LAN games an error message appears...

    when i try to create a game it says: Could not load library C: \sierra\halflife/esf/cl_dlls\client You said I was probably missing the "fmod.dll". I checked the folder and it wasn't missing. But just to make sure, I downloaded a new "fmod.dll" from your site, but it still doesnt work and...
  7. W

    ms3d help plz!

    i need dl to milkshape 3D 1.6.3 ! not another version cause i love this version plz.
  8. U

    Banned list erased after devil appears

    Ok, well I have my lil' banned file for adminMod in the ESF folder and it displays all my wonIDs and IPs that I have banned. Well everytime I add any wonID's of devils after he crashes my server, it seems that all the other banned info is erased. I'm sick of having to make new entries every...
  9. S


    yet another picture from my friend no he didnt trace it
  10. Ness

    A problem

    I made a map,I compiled the .bsp file, it appears on the maplist on ESF, but wen i try 2 run it, It comes up with an HL has performed an illegal operation. Plz help!!thnx in advance
  11. M

    Map size ?

    I was woundering if its possible to make a map that is huge like 5x bigger than normal and if so what settings would i have to change in hammer to do this if any one can help it would be muchly aprchiated.
  12. M

    models and patches

    with these new models, what would happen when a charecter gets a new attack? Like the longhaired trunks model I have, it has no sword. So in this next patch we might have a sword and it wont work. So everytime a charecter gets a new attack, will the models people make have to be updated?
  13. GotenksOwnz

    My sig wont work plz help.

    K i have made a sig i have saved it as jpg and gif and put it on my web site so wat codes do i put befor the link to the pic thanx for any help. :cool:
  14. Wuying Ren

    Milkshape help needed

    If I try to compile my -qc file this appears: ************ ERROR ************ \Eigene Dateien\Eigene Skins\ESF Skins\Trunks\model\/./reference.smd doesn't exist And if I try to export a smd this appears: Found group with no material! Model not exported! And if I use this one quake tool...
  15. G

    My new pic

    As promised here's my newest pic didnt take long (copy and paste)
  16. A

    OIJ Site appears to be offline

    Hey Tien! Whats the deal!
  17. Loki

    Vegetto Model

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could make a vegetto model that would be soooo cool!
  18. Darkness


    do u use milkshape if so could you help me
  19. xstortionist

    my blank-man model for my online comic

    here he is. I just started this last week but i haven't really been able to work on him cause ive been busy with baseball and my enw web page. i've spent about a whole 30 minutes on him.
  20. Darkness

    Milkshape problems

    Whenusing milkshape if i try to set a background it just appears as a white square how can I fix this this happens with any picture i try as well can someone other any help