1. Promiscuous Girl

    Which Devs Appeal To You The Most ?

    This is all based on a regional perspective only, of course. I got this idea for a topic after reading the July issue of the GI Magazine-- i came upon this quote from the last guy i expected to see this from-- That was quite an honest and humble observation-- however, i don't agree with him...
  2. DiebytheSword

    Meh, some new stuff because I haven't been in here in a while.

    These are the first peices of art someone paid me to make for them. Woo hoo. I haven't done anything lately but these, but I plan on attacking my scetch pad soon. En garde! *adding them in a moment, couldn't attach to forum* I don't watch Yugioh, so I did use reference pics for...
  3. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  4. Marauder


    practicing brushing on a render i made, and it came out nice, so i added a old pic i dug up from one of my earlier wp's :D
  5. dudeman

    My ESF wallpaper.

    When i started this wp i was bored and i wasnt seriuos so it sucked, but later on i got some nice ideas and it became nicer.. so this wp isnt perfect, but i just wanted to show it. (you might notice that the background is worse then what i put on it..
  6. Pommy

    Pommy first background

    this is my first background I have done being they take longer and are bigger. <a href=> <img src= border=0></a> Click to enlarge or <a href=>click here</a> please give...
  7. TimTheEnchantor

    Wallpaper: Education.

    This wallpaper is 881kb. Quite large, but hopefully 56k'ers wont mind...(i so hope). But this wallpaper's resolution top's is 1600x1200, so the quality is quite good, any resolution lower than that can be made real quickly. The background image is a stock foto I have had of the Columbus...
  8. M

    Buu 'S'

    all by me except the kid buu who was made by insane jester and skinned by me (i made lower half of model)